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The best shrink wrapping in the business....

SmiPack shrink wrapped productsSmiPack is an Italian manufacturer of L bar sealing machines, and are part of the SMI SpA group., best known for their fully automated packing lines and blown film lines.

The SmiPack range of shrink wrap machines are built to an exceptionally high standard and incorporate a number of features which set them apart from other machines in this competitive market.

At any time we usually have stock of at least 10 to15 SmiPack machines available in Dubai, so prompt delivery is guaranteed. We also maintain large stocks of spare parts including heaters, pumps, fans, sealing blades, teflon strips, control panels, onveyor motors and all other critical items.

It is unlikely that you will need to use these parts, but if you choose to buy a SmiPack machine from us, you have peace of mind, knowing that the parts are available immediately from stock.

SmiPack FP 560 & T450: The contract packers' choice....

SmiPack: High productivity, through good design and excellent reliability.The most widely sold combination of L sealer and tunnel in the Middle East, the SmiPack FP560 sealer and T450 tunnel are ideally suited to constant use in the most demanding of environments.

With more than 80 of these shrink wrap systems installed throughout the region, we can refer to customers from Lebanon to Yemen, with many of these machines being used 24 hours a day with contract packers and with manufacturers of f.m.c.g.

The SmiPack T650E. Suitable for taller products.The SmiPack FP 560 is a seperate L sealer with a sealing area of 560 x 430mm. Speeds of 15 or more packs per minute can be achieved, thanks to the automatic outfeed conveyor in the seal bar area. The SmiPack T450 tunnel can accomodate packs as tall as 240mm. A larger tunnel, the SmiPack T650E, is available if taller products are to be packed.

When the pack height is adjusted on the SmiPack FP 560, the conveyor height in the T450 or T650E tunnel is adjusted automatically, ensuring an excellent shrink finish. The tunnels feature adjustable temperature, conveyor speed and air flow guides, whilst the teflon coated conveyor rods ensure the base of the pack shrinks well.

Hood type systems

SmiPack S560 shrink wrapping  at an economic priceThe SmiPack S560 has a sealing area of 560mm x 430mm and can accomodate packs as tall as 260mm . It features an externally adjustable load table under the hood, so operators do not have to wait for the table to cool down when switching between packs of different heights. This shrink wrap unit can be easily moved between work areas since it is built on a mobile (lockable) stand. Up to 5 packs per minute can be achieved using the SmiPack S560, product and operator performance permitting.

Many other sizes and designs of hood type shrink wrap machines are available. Please call our office for details of these products.

Automatic systems

SmiPack FP6000 : High speed production for a wide variety of products.The flag-ship of the Smipack shrink wrapping range is their high speed FP6000 fully automatic L bar sealer, capable of operating at speeds in excess of 35 packs per minute. The SmiPack FP6000 controls allow the operator to tailor the machine's operation to the size and shape of every unique pack.

It is possible to use a signal from the FP6000 to control an additional infeed conveyor, in order to maximise the rate of product infeed.

The design of the SmiPack sealing blade eliminates the problem found on some automatic shrink wrapping machines of poor sealing in the corner of the pack, whilst the height which the jaw raises between packs can be adjusted, so production speeds are raised when sealing low level items such as stationery.

We recommend polyolefin shrink films for SmiPack shrink wrappers

Need polyolefin shrink wrap films?

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Use polyolefin shrink films for best results on SmiPack machines

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