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Welcome to the web-site of Al Thika Packaging LLC.

We are the Gulf's leading supplier of packaging machinery and materials, based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Representing such world renowned companies as Markem-Imaje, Safeline, Robopac and Smipack, we supply and service a diverse range of products for an even wider range of customers.

Our biggest stand ever - by far!!!
Gulfood 2013 Stand S-A40

If you've seen us at Gulfood over the past
few years you'll know that we've had a good sized stand packed full of machines from our numerous suppliers. Well this year will be different. With help from our friends at Mettler-Toledo and Key Technology, we have invested in an ENORMOUS stand, 174 square metres to be exact, and we'll have more machines than ever on display. We will have at least 6 product experts from Mettler-Toledo on hand to discuss check-weighers, metal detectors, X Ray systems and vision systems, along with others from Key Technology, ULMA, GSP, and many more. See us at stand S-A40 in the Sheikh Saeed Hall. In fact it'll be hard to miss us!


Following the merger of the Markem and Imaje coding and marking companies, from 2010 Al Thika Packaging LLC was appointed the EXCLUSIVE Markem-Imaje distributor in the United Arab Emirates. Our seven service engineers are factory trained to support all Markem-Imaje products and we carry a huge inventory of spare parts and ORIGINAL Markem-Imaje consumables.

In recent months we have been seeing frequent failures of ink jet printers which have been contaminated with 3rd party consumables supplied by local traders who CLAIM that their inks are suitable for use in Markem-Imaje printers. It is quite Ink Jet printers from Markem-Imajeclear, from the number of pump, E.H.T. module and print head failures we are being called on to repair, that these inks and ribbons are causing serious reliability issues. This is hardly surprising since they do not meet Markem-Imaje's strict quality control procedures and are being made to a price, not a specification.

If you suspect that your printers are being damaged this way, please look for the Markem-Imaje logo on the consumables bottle or ribbon box. If it is not there, the consumables were NOT manufactured by Markem-Imaje. Or simply ask your purchasing department if they are buying their Markem-Imaje supplies from Al Thika Packaging LLC. If they are not, then your production line may be at risk from stoppages due to printer failures.

Please call our service team if you would like us to visit your factory, assess the level of contamination damage, and repair your printers using original Markem-Imaje materials.


Safeline X Ray. Part of our product inspection rangeWe have represented the Mettler Toledo Safeline metal detector company for more than a decade and in recent years, Mettler Toledo has introduced two more products to their product inspection division.


More than just a 'fancy metal detector' an X-ray system is also capable of detecting glass, bone, stone, dense plastics and wood. Furthermore, mass analysis allows us to check that the correct items, in the correct numbers, have been placed inside a package. We can also look for broken or damaged products inside a closed box or bag, examine foodstuffs packed inside aluminium laminate bags, and even check that heat sealed lids have been closed correctly. With X-ray installations throughout the Gulf, we have established Safeline products as the market leaders in this field in the Middle East.

CI-VisionCI Vision for product inspection

Very high speed camera systems designed to monitor products on line, CI-Vision solutions are capable of reading ink jet codes, bar codes, label control numbers and dozens of other aspects of a label's design and position. We also offer systems to check for contamination inside bottles, to monitor the dimensions of moulded and injected bottles, to check for correctly fitted caps of the right colour, etc. etc.

The software used to control these systems is standard across every CI Vision installation globally, unlike that found in one off systems built by system integrators, so our customers are guaranteed on going service support and the ability to modify and upgrade software and hardware for many years to come.


Please call our sales team on Dubai (04) 347 1001 for details of these or any of the other quality inspection systems we offer our customers throughout the Middle East.